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7674Re: [Hammock Camping] Sleeping system for HH

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  • Dick Matthews
    Dec 21, 2004
      More than you wanted to know.

      I hike primarily in the Colorado Rockies above 10,000 feet. Frost on the
      4th of July is normal. On Memorial Day weekend, 2004, we had an
      overnight low of 15. On Labor Day weekend, 2004, we got about 4" of snow.

      The Super Shelter set up video on the Hennessy site is very helpful and
      will reduce the initial setup time. I enjoy experimenting with gear at
      home, but have a very low tolerance for gear with a high fiddle factor
      while hiking. I leave the over and under covers on the hammock all the
      time and it still fits into the snake skins. The hammock, UnderCover and
      OverCover inside the skins can be stuffed into the side mesh pocket of a
      Six Moon Designs Starlite pack. The pads are rolled and carried in a
      silnylon stuff sack.

      Most nights the OverCover is secured near the ridge line with a string
      through the side pull out slots. In heavy winds one side can be pulled
      down and in cold both sides can be secured with the side tie outs. The
      over and under covers combined reduce the drafts.

      I tried a couple of Gossamer Gear ThinLight pads and they folded and
      rolled into very small pads during the night.

      Tom Hennessy recommends using a second UnderPad or additional insulation
      in the UnderCover for colder temperatures. I know he continues product
      development. I find a single UnderPad only keeps me warm to 40 degrees.
      I will continue to add UnderPads until I stay warm to 30 degrees then
      add a closed cell pad for lower temperatures.

      The Jacks ‘R’ Better Nest might be the better answer.

      The Campmor Ultralite Extension Poncho/Tarp has been a very good
      replacement fly for the hammock, but a rain jacket to wear around camp
      is needed. The SuperShelter is designed to be compatible with his
      rainflys so I an testing a second prusik knot on the hammock line
      attached to an ultralight carabineers attached to the shock cord lines
      from the SuperShelter. The gated carabineer secures the shock cord more
      securely than the hooks.

      Long Tree Huggers often are needed here in the Rockies. A 7mm kernmantle
      rope about 3' long tied to the tree hugger loops with a slipped
      sheetbend make very good extenders. It seems the tree huggers still
      protect the tree as long as they go about 2/3 around the tree.

      I carry a 60”X25”X3/8” blue closed cell pad for when I need to go to the
      ground or when I need the extra insulation. I currently use an Nunatak
      Arc Alpinist with the straps snapped over the bag and sleep in
      expedition weight long underwear.

      I started with a Big Agnes Zirkle bag and a RidgeRest pad cut to mummy
      shape but 72” is too long for the pad and 20” is too narrow. A left zip
      Big Agnes Bag is much better than a right zip. I now have converted to
      the Arc Alpinist with a 25" wide closed cell pad. The quilt allows you
      to bend the knees a lot more and the 25" wide pad prevents cold
      compression spots.

      Dick Matthews

      rebraswell wrote:

      >I have just ordered a HH. I have never used a hammock for camping.
      >My concern is a sleeping system. I currently have a Pro Lite 4
      >regular size therm-a-rest and Mountain Hardware Quantum 3D - 1st
      >Dimension (30 degree) bag. I understand that there is difficulty in
      >keeping the air pad from slipping out from under you. I am thinking
      >about going to a Big Anges Zirkel (20 degree) or Horse thief (35
      >degree) and combine with the Lost Dog (50 degree) on very cold nights
      >(would be 2 pads). Another option I am considering is Western
      >Mountaineering Ultra Light (20 degree) with Lost Dog. I plan using
      >my hammock with temp ranges down to 20 - 25 degrees. I would love to
      >hear from others on their sleeping systems. Thanks - Rob
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