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767Newbie question(s)

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  • eremitike <eremitike@earthlink.net>
    Mar 2, 2003
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      Hi folks,

      I have an older model HH Expedition that I bought recently and am
      practicing setting it up before my first trip with it. A couple of
      questions have arisen.

      1. I keep reading about making sure the tarp is installed "the right
      way." I take it this means more that just right-side up, but that
      there is a head corner and a foot corner as well? If so, what's the
      quick way to tell? When I climb into my hammock and lay down
      diagonally, I notice that my head and feet are both barely under the
      tarp. Do I need to reverse the tarp, or is there some other issue

      2. How far out do most of you folks guy the sides of the hammock
      body? Do you vary it for different conditions? I imagine in rain,
      you would have the tarp guyed down rather low, does this mean that
      you tend to pull the sides of the hammock in as well? Do you ever
      not guy out the sides of the hammock?

      I know these are basic questions, most of which I will figure out on
      my own by experimenting. Still I wanted to get some of your input
      and suggestions on basic hammocking with the Hennessey.

      Thanks for your time.

      Also, to Shane, I made a pad like yours (closed cell foam, wrapped
      in a Space blanket, wrapped in a Neat Sheet). It took all of about
      30 minutes (including 5 minutes of begging my wife to set up her
      sewing machine) and it came out great. I tried it for a quick nap in
      60* weather and woke up sweating, so it should be great for cooler
      temps. Thanks for the tip!

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