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760Re: Cord marking question

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  • colonelcorn76 <colonelcorn76@yahoo.com>
    Feb 28, 2003
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "geoflyfisher
      <geoflyfisher@y...>" <geoflyfisher@y...> wrote:
      > Sure, outside the established box,
      > Seeing that you do not need to do the measurement in feet or any
      > other units, use an anatomic measuring stick. You may want to use
      > the distance from your palm to your elbow (handy when doing
      > with cord) And it's handy that two "forearm" lengths just about
      > equals a step. So you don't mark the cord, you just measure it
      > and tie. (If you need a finer measure, 2 hand spans (thumb to
      > finger, spread widely) equals a forearm)

      Hmmm.....Thanks....I think I'll grab a tape measure and start
      measuring body parts. I already did that for some std measures (the
      distance from the tip of my right middle finger to the joint is 1"
      exactly, from that joint to my wrist is 6" and from my wrist to the
      outside of my elbow is 12") but I haven't done any relativistic
      measuring in terms of paces vs. arm length, etc.

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