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7469Yee ole flappin tarp question

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  • chcoa
    Dec 7, 2004
      Okay I know we have covered this but I recently had a tarp flapping
      issue even though I thought I was using a workable solution from some
      of the suggetions previously offered on this topic. Now I'm stumped.

      Last weekend I set up my hh with the tarp is came with at the lake.
      I was doing a weekend kayak paddle with some fellow paddlers. We set
      up on a hill top in an organized campsite (they had a pop up trailer
      that needed a flat space to park)

      Let me set the scene - Rain off and on the whole afternoon, evening,
      and misty through the night. Fog from the lake rolled in after dark
      and the wind was probably around 10 mph off and on during the night.
      I used some small bungies I had in my truck for the tarp anticipating
      the wind. I had three bungies (2 on each side point and 1 on one end
      of the ridgeline) I didn't have a 4th bungee for the other ridgeline
      so just attached it as usual.

      While this worked beter than just using the ropes it still flapped
      enough to annoy me. What am I doing wrong? I guess I don't get it.

      jamie in az
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