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7432Re: [Hammock Camping] How tight? What Angle?

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  • zippydooda
    Dec 6, 2004
      I opened the file and will have a look. Thanks.

      It is a Speer type, double layer, 1.1 oz ripstop. It is gray. (That
      was a joke). The rope is some cheesy fat rope we had lying around.
      I doubt it stretches much under my 165 lbs. But it is not as easy to
      tie tight as thinner rope would be, so I need to make allowances for

      Does 8.0 refer to the total length of your hammock body after it is

      I know that I need to try it myself, and that there are lots of
      variables. I am just looking for a starting point.

      And Ralph, speaking of wives, I was imagining hanging mine too tight,
      having it rip in half, and my wife laughing her head off.

      Thanks again, everyone. If it ever quits raining I will actually use
      this thing...

      Bill in Houston

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Womble" <dpwomble@y...>
      > Bill,
      > I have some info in my folder (Youngblood) in the files section.
      > dimensions I give are after stretch, so like was previous posted it
      > does change a tad depending on the amount of stretch you get. With
      > my Speer class hammocks, with my weight and using 1/4" hollow braid
      > polypro rope, I would guess that I am getting about 10% stretch and
      > allow for that when I hang my hammock by shortening the support
      > ropes. I can usually pace off the distance between supports and
      > it hung pretty close on the first try. What kind of hammock are
      > using?
      > Youngblood
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