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7430RE: [Hammock Camping] How tight? What Angle?

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  • Shane Steinkamp
    Dec 6, 2004
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      > I took the physics too (actually got the degree).

      They knew about physics when you were in school? Probably taught you the
      particle theory of heat...

      > So when I first got on the group I made a spreadsheet (under
      > files) so you can calculate the forces.

      Which reminds me to post that on my website...

      > But then I found out it isn't as important (especially in
      > a HH). The hardest part is measuring the angles while in the
      > hammock,

      Not even that is so important, IMO. If you set up with trees that are
      different distances apart, the 'hang' is going to be different every time.

      > and my wife won't stop laughing long enough to help.

      I'd say threaten to replace her, but I tried that with mine and she didn't
      cook for three days...

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