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7419Re: How far are you willing to go to make the hammock work?

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  • Gregory Doggett
    Dec 5, 2004
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "chcoa" <jdeben@h...> wrote:

      > I'm curious how far everyone is willing to go to make their
      > work in cold temps? I think the idea of the HH supershelter is a
      > good one but its practicality in cold weather is still to be
      > determined.

      I like my hammock best when all I need is the tarp, foam pad and a
      quilt. Having been an ultralight hiker and ground tarp user for
      awhile before I discovered hammocks, I'm comfortable with my skill
      at finding good ground sites. I can always travel lighter with a
      ground based system so the weight and bulk of what gear I would need
      just to be able to hammock would be my limiting factor in colder
      weather. (Though the pure comfort of sleeping suspended in the air
      is undisputably superior in my opinion)
      For me, the gear is just a tool. And I want a tool that best suits
      the hike.
      If I can be warm, comfortable and do so with significantly less
      weight, bulk and complexity in cold weather with a ground based
      system....then the hammock stays home.
      Many, however, choose to push the limits of hammocks in cold weather
      and exclude all other shelters.
      Hopefully their efforts will continue to pay off in lighter,simpler
      and more thermally efficient systems.
      I have a Speer Hammock, PeaPod and Top Blankets and a Hennessey
      Explorer Ultralite Asym to give you an idea of what models I have
      experience with. A Bozeman Mtn. Works Quantum Arc quilt is my cooler
      temp sub for Top Blankets.

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