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7417Re: [Hammock Camping] How far are you willing to go to make the hammock work?

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  • Rick
    Dec 4, 2004
      chcoa wrote:

      >I'm curious how far everyone is willing to go to make their hammock
      >work in cold temps? I think the idea of the HH supershelter is a
      >good one but its practicality in cold weather is still to be
      Hi Jamie,

      I'm not sure I understand your question. I routinely carry a hammock
      set-up that will keep me comfortable into the mid teens. It is light
      and practical for ultralight packing.

      Insulation includes: down quilt and closed cell foam pad. It is
      surrounded by a single layer TravelPod. For really cold temperatures, I
      sometimes use my tarp or other pack contents as insulation between the
      TravelPod and my hammock. To go below that, I need to carry about an
      extra 10 ounces of insulation in the form of my WarmHammock. That
      set-up has gotten me considerably below zero. (And I sleep pretty cold.)

      Looking at your question again, I guess the answer to how far I a
      willing to go is: I am willing to sew my own hammock and to practice in
      the cold to get it right.

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