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7402RE: [Hammock Camping] Ground Dweller

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  • Dave Bellinski
    Dec 2, 2004
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      I've never attended the New Years celebration, but I'll pass on what I know.


      Water should be no problem on the approach trail, as several water locations are noted in the AT Data book. Alcohol though, is another issue. You'll have to pack your own, as I understand that area is "Dry", buy your refreshments early, in a wet county.


      Last New Years Eve was celebrated in short sleeves; previous years have seen single digit temps, so be prepared.


      I believe the celebration took place in the parking area where USFS42 intersects the trail (the North side of Springer at the base).  Don't know the time it begins.


      The Visitors center is at 1700', peak of Springer is 3782'.


      Someone else will have to fill you in on details of the approach trail. If your schedule is real tight, you could drive in.


      Enjoy yourself!



      From: J.D. Hoessle [mailto:JD@...]
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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Ground Dweller


      Good Morning!

      I plan on joining the Speer Hammock Camping adventure on Springer
      Mountain on New Years Eve.  ...for a first-hand look at hammocks, Pea
      Pods, etc.  This opportunity/idea of saving a couple pounds (!!!) in
      my pack is too exciting.

      I can handle the cold and a certain amount of snow (under a foot
      PLEASE!) and have been "out there" in cold and nasty weather.

      Need some advice/experience:

      Planning on using the Amicalola Falls State Park as a Base Camp.
      Found that it is 8 - 9 miles to Springer from there.  Anyone know the
      elevation gain / time to hike in...?  I am on a tight schedule and
      have to drive over 600 miles to get there.

      Any water along the way or lug it in...?

      Is there a time schedule or just "be there" for New Years Eve?

      Will there be Champange or bring my own...<g>...?


      Happy Trails,


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