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7400Ground Dweller

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  • J.D. Hoessle
    Dec 2, 2004
      Good Morning!

      I plan on joining the Speer Hammock Camping adventure on Springer
      Mountain on New Years Eve. ...for a first-hand look at hammocks, Pea
      Pods, etc. This opportunity/idea of saving a couple pounds (!!!) in
      my pack is too exciting.

      I can handle the cold and a certain amount of snow (under a foot
      PLEASE!) and have been "out there" in cold and nasty weather.

      Need some advice/experience:

      Planning on using the Amicalola Falls State Park as a Base Camp.
      Found that it is 8 - 9 miles to Springer from there. Anyone know the
      elevation gain / time to hike in...? I am on a tight schedule and
      have to drive over 600 miles to get there.

      Any water along the way or lug it in...?

      Is there a time schedule or just "be there" for New Years Eve?

      Will there be Champange or bring my own...<g>...?


      Happy Trails,

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