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7393Paco Pad?

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  • Jim Greenway
    Nov 30, 2004
      Has anyone yet tried out the "Paco Pad," by Jack's Plastic Welding, as their
      hammock sleeping pad? There's a story on them on page 58 of the Dec 2004
      "Sea Kayaker." The reviewer speaks well of them. They're apparently a
      closed-cell pad with some type of vinyl coating. Presumably water proof. The
      larger of the two is 1.5" thick. Now, all that being said, they don't
      address the pad's weight, which isn't necessarily an issue for those who are
      marine- or riverborne travelers. I have only read the article so I don't
      know any more about them myself. Would like to hear any feedback from anyone
      who has actually seen or tried one and has an opinion one way or the other
      on them.

      The website's http://www.jpwinc.com


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