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  • jwj32542
    Nov 30, 2004
      I know this is heresy, but on my homemade hammock I...ahh!...don't
      sleep on the diagonal!

      If I hang it tight, I can sleep aligned with the hammock very
      comfortably. I even sleep comfortably on my stomach like that.
      Actually, it's more comfortable that way than I've ever been in the
      Hennessey, diagonal or not.

      I slept in it two nights in a row without retying, so it was sagging
      a bit more on the second night. This sag caused it to cocoon me
      more tightly around the shoulders, and it was a bit too much
      pressure and gave me a little sore spot. I'll retie it tonight to
      take out that sag and it should be back to perfect!

      But it's so comfortable without using the diagonal...anyone else
      find this?