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739Cord marking question

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  • colonelcorn76 <colonelcorn76@yahoo.com>
    Feb 26, 2003
      Hi Folks,

      I use a Hennessey Hammock (Ultralight Asym) but I suspect this
      question could apply to any number of other hammocks out there. I
      have marked my hammock tie-out ropes (cords really) with little
      rings of white medical tape at 1 foot intervals to make it easier to
      setup right the first time.

      I start by pacing the distance between the trees, subtract the
      length of the hammock, split the remaining difference to come up
      with how long each rope end should be between the tree. Then when I
      put the first end up I pull through enough cord on the initial
      lashing to leave the correct number of tape rings between the tree
      and the hammock. Then I go to the other end of the hammock and when
      I tie that to the tree the hammock is almost dead-on centered and
      properly tensioned.

      My question is whether anyone knows how to mark the rope a little
      more permanently? I tried white-out and a few types of paint
      (although I'm hesitant to try some of the solvent based ones in fear
      of what they might do to the cord/rope). Those wore off pretty
      quickly as sometimes when the trees are closer together some ended
      up being pulled through the lashing and the markings abraded off.
      The tape is a little more durable but in warm weather the adhesive
      sometimes loosens up so the tape ring moves...which means they're
      not at 1' intervals and my whole system is invalidated.

      I thought about putting little overhand knots in the cord but
      haven't due to the potential for weakening the cord and because I
      want something with some contrast so they're easy to see/count.

      Anyone have a clever idea here?

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