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7364Subject: Re:staying warm in Hennessy hammock/Horsethief bag

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  • stephanie
    Nov 27, 2004

      What I think I need to do is to get someone else to lay down in the
      Horsethief and use them as a guinea pig so I can't see what is going
      on with that neck area. I can't really tell what is going on to my
      satisfaction when I'm laying in it myself! I read the reviews on BGT
      but to no avail. I just need to see what it is intended to look like
      when closed up. If I lay in the bag so that my head is on the pillow
      pocket (and I assume the pillow pocket is supposed to be "inside" the
      bag), and then I tighten the drawstring, the thing closes up across
      my face with almost my whole head inside the bag. Unless I pull it
      down under my chin which just doesn't work as it feels like
      strangulation. So I don't use the drawstring, I just have been
      tucking that down dam thingie around my neck. Hmmm..now I need to go
      lie down in the bag again. Also, when I slept on the ground I used a
      POE Insulmat inside the bag's pad sleeve. It inflates to about 2.5
      inches (and is great..first time I've had any semblance of comfort
      sleeping on the ground). In the hammock I used 3/8 inch foam pad plus
      windshield reflector. I noticed that using the inflatable pad inside
      the pad sleeve dramtically changed the fit of the bag, i.e. there was
      much less room inside the bag.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, ptoddf@a... wrote:
      > Stephanie,
      > Good comments on Horsethief, thanks. If you come up with anything
      better for
      > the neck closure, please post it. I think that removing the
      pendular neck dam
      > thing and just rolling the top edge down inside one baffle or less
      might do it
      > for me. Should make a much better fit and an effective air dam. I'm
      going to
      > hand stitch it removably and try it. Along with the Finbar hood,
      which as you
      > point out, is affordably priced in comparison to high end down
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