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7340Re: early spring/late fall in a speer hammock

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  • Gregory Doggett
    Nov 25, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "shadesofblue33"
      <shadesofblue33@y...> wrote:
      > > Here is my question: After using a speer quilt in between the
      > hammock and the pea pod, what type of sleeping bag should I use as
      > quilt.
      > I'd like to be able to use this bag on a NOBO thru-hike of the AT
      > a few years, and I want quality. I've been thinking about Western
      > Mountaineering, but am unsure of how low on the degree scale I
      > go. I don't want total overkill because of weight...but I want to
      > able to trust my gear to keep me warm, and safe. Any ideas?

      Although the design is somewhat radical compared to what we think of
      as a sleeping bag, I have quite possibly found my ultimate ground/
      hammock sleeping "bag" in the Bozeman Mountainworks Quantum Arc
      Variable Girth Sleeping Bag. Very high quality. Pertex Quantum
      fabric inside and out, a unique tappered baffle layout that goes
      from 2" at the neck to 3.5" at the feet. No hood (use your warm
      hat), no bottom , though the design does wrap round the shoulders
      well. High count down fill. About a pound total weight.
      As for a temp rating, BMW doesn't rate their bag, but depending on
      who you trust I've seen bags with a 2" loft rated to 20 degrees (
      Ray Jardines' ETR system) and the very similar Nunatak Arc bags 2"
      models rated at 32 degrees. By the way, Nunatak builds the Quantum
      Arc for BMW.
      The nice thing about this Variable Girth feature is that you can
      wear additional clothing inside the bag, but by utilizing the girth
      adjustment feature, still make plenty of room for yourself without
      compressing the bags loft. With my Golite Coal jacket on, it becomes
      my winter bag.
      But I've rambled on enough.
      Check out www.backpackinglight.com and look on the left sidebar for
      products under "Sleeping".
      Also take a look at www.nunatakgear.com , the Arc series bags.
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