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734Re: Big Agnes Zirkel used in HH down to 20F

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  • biker135803 <pjbucca@comcast.net>
    Feb 25, 2003
      Ahh--I see the difference-you slept in the fleece instead of put
      it over the reflectix. That makes a bunch of sense to use your
      clothing for insulation since you have to haul it anyway. I will bet
      that wearing clothing will get me from the mid 30's to the lower 30's
      comfort wise.
      Looks like you have a Wally World blue pad-same as mine. Coy-as
      for his pad being narrower than ours-it probably is. I made a new
      pad 6" narrower on each side since the old one was lapping over the
      no-see-um netting. I am a happy camper in it having saved about 4 oz
      in the process-it fits great in my Adventure Racer. However, you
      have wider shoulders and this may not work for you.
      later, Paul