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733Re: Breaking Strength of support webbing/rope/cord

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  • colonelcorn76 <colonelcorn76@yahoo.com>
    Feb 25 12:53 PM
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "geoflyfisher
      <geoflyfisher@y...>" <geoflyfisher@y...> wrote:
      > If the angle is 45 degrees, (bannana hammock) then the sine of 45
      > degrees is .707 If that fraction is inverted one gets 1.41, and
      > result is that each cord/webbing is supporting a pull of 141
      > in order to support my 200 pounds.

      So, another way to look at it is to tie your hammock to smaller
      trees? The bendy kind of trees would reduce the weight the straps
      need to support.

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