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7314Re: [Hammock Camping] Snake Skins

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  • Craig Stephanski
    Nov 22, 2004
      Jamie in AZ,
      Well I'm assuming that you haven't been able to get many hours in cold temps with the SuperShelter yet, but it seems that you should have better results with a; covering your head (that will help very much!) and b; eating a little cheese or other fatty foods (peanuts, etc) before bed.  I know that I am a 'cold sleeper' and need to put fuel into my body to keep me warmer at night.  If I don't eat beforehand, I get noticibly colder at about 2-3am. Perhaps try just a piece of an old army wool blanket folded in a couple of layers to lay on........the combinations are endless.  That's why this forum is so great, you can bounce things off each other and find what works best for you!!  Take care and good luck!....Craig   

      chcoa <jdeben@...> wrote:

      Craig, if you are sleeping direcly on the "cheepie blue egg crate
      pad" then it's no surprise you are doing okay at those temps.  Rick
      has had really good results with his closed cell Target pads.  The
      Supershelter system is a bit different however, the insulation is
      hanging under you.  In the attempts I've made so far, I slept in long
      cotton pants, socks, fleece booties, t-shirt, and a light weight
      fleece jacket covered by my 40 F modified sleeping bag/now quilt. 
      Top of me was not the problem.  I did not eat right before and I did
      not have anything on my head but I was sleeping on a little down camp
      pillow.  Don't know if I'm a cold sleeper.

      jamie in az

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Craig Stephanski
      <stephanski@s...> wrote:
      > What are you wearing for clothing during these "cold" nights?  I
      can get to 40F with just a cheapie blue egg crate pad, sleeping bag
      and a wool blanket.  I had to wear long johns just once on the
      coldest night.  Are you a cold sleeper?  Do you make sure you eat
      something before you go to sleep to keep your metabolism going?  That
      also helps keep you warm at night.    Take care........Craig
      > chcoa <jdeben@h...> wrote:
      > Well the verdict on the Supershelter is still out.  I'm testing it
      > right now and I haven't had much success below 50F so far.  5 more
      > months to go, we'll see.....
      > jamie in az
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Craig Stephanski
      > <stephanski@s...> wrote:
      > I recommend anything that Tom makes,  'cause it works very well!!!
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