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7187Re: [Hammock Camping] Looking for a Spectra fabric source (for a hammock, of course)

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  • Craig
    Nov 3 7:12 PM
      Does this site help?

      --- NiytOwl <niytowl@...> wrote:

      > While there are thousands of sites selling Spectra
      > lines and ropes, I
      > can't seem to locate one selling light fabrics -
      > like the kind being
      > used in some of the lightweight backpacks (not the
      > resin-coated sail
      > cloth!). Anyone know of a place?
      > Spectra seems like it would be an ideal hammocking
      > fabric with its
      > unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio, UV resistance,
      > cut/tear
      > resistance, and wear characteristics. I use it for
      > fishing line and
      > stunt kite line, and HHs use it in their main ropes,
      > which makes me
      > wonder why Tom never made a hammock out of Spectra.
      > I hope someone knows of a source though - sounds
      > like a worthwhile
      > experimental hammock project.
      > Thanks,
      > Jim

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