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7181Re: Spectra Hammock

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  • NiytOwl
    Nov 3, 2004

      I'm hoping to aquire a spectra cloth in a 15D or 10D weight that would
      support my 175 lbs and save me a bunch of ounces while still being
      robust enough to handle the backcountry. Hennessy's Racer hammocks
      are OK for biking, but aren't very durable. I'm shooting for a 7 oz
      hammock that will last more than one hiking season and withstand the
      abuse of the trail.

      As far as stretch affecting comfort - spectra DOES stretch, but not
      immediately - it undergoes creep, which is a slow permanent stretch.
      I figure that means the longer the hammock is used, the more it will
      "form-fit". I could be totally wrong, but until someone makes the
      hammock, we won't know for sure, will we?

      I wouldn't mind finding a source for a nylon cloth with spectra
      webbing either. It should have a much higher tensile strength than
      just plain nylon of the same weight.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Bill Fornshell
      <bfornshell@y...> wrote:
      > I think they found out someone wanted to use Spectra
      > for their hammock and are just offering them a low
      > mortgage rate for it. I don't even want to guess how
      > much that would cost using Spectra material like my
      > Kelty White Cloud is made out of. The Spectra ripstop
      > seconds that Quest Outfitters sells is $6.50 a yard
      > (60" wide) but only the grid fiber is Spectra. I have
      > a yard of this stuff to use for "wear points" on a
      > winter pack pack I want to make. It should make a
      > very strong Hammock though for me it would be way
      > over-kill on the strength side of things.
      > Do you really need hammock this strong?
      > Are you thinking about a hammock for two people?
      > Bill in Texas
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