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7180Packing foam for insulation?

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  • thecreekfisher
    Nov 3, 2004

      Does anybody have any thoughts on using packing foam as insulation
      (see link below)? I have a BA Horse Thief bag and I'm thinking that
      the packing foam would make a nice underpad to go between the BA pad
      and the bottom of my HH. I would put the foam into the BA sleeve
      along with the air pad. Since the foam is 1/8" thick, I'm thinking
      that I could make a custom, multi-layered, variable thickness,
      underpad for my BA air pad. I made a "prototype" out of some "sill
      insulation" from Lowe's. The stuff from Lowe's is only 5.5" wide
      which, has resulted in several duct tape joints that I'm not
      thrilled about ; )

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