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7179Re: [Hammock Camping] wild idea

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  • Dick Matthews
    Nov 3, 2004
      Just might be stupid.  I figure it is virtually a whole day to construct.  Hike into the area make the snow pile about late morning, go for a snowshoe, then return and dig the cave.  I have never been able to create a snow shelter without getting wet.  Caves are fun and great emergency shelters, but only useful for base camp situations.

      I just wonder if the movement of the trees and hammock will cause the roof to collapse.  I guess I need to try it and see.

      Dick Matthews

      Nazdarovye wrote:
      Wow - ambitious!
      I was going to try mine out in a snow slit trench this winter - similar 
      thinking, just without the roof. I figured that it would take care of 
      the majority of the convective heat loss due to wind.
      If you try this, post pictures - I'd love to see it.
      On Nov 3, 2004, at 9:16 AM, Dick Matthews wrote:
      Winter will be here soon and I am thinking about setting my hammock up
      in a quinzhee.
      1.    Dig a trench in the snow between the two trees,
      2.    Install the hammock in snake skins,
      3.    Inflate a VBL sleeping bag liner under the hammock,
      4.    Throw the snow back on the hammock,
      5.    Dig the snow cave.
      Has anyone tried this?
      Advice or comments please.
      Dick Matthews

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