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717RE: Hammock Camping Was Polyester webbing; Now Polypro webbing strength

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  • Ed Speer
    Feb 23, 2003
      Rick, I've gotten such a runaround from so many different webbing-manufacturing salespeople that I am doubtful of most stated breaking strengths.  Quest and OWF are my sources of choice, as you noted, but the numbers they quote are supplied by the same untrustful salespeople as the ones I've encountered already--so Quest and OWF may also be unknowingly quoting wrong numbers.  And if they change sources or their sources change webbing without notifying them (which I suspect happens), then the customer still gets the wrong numbers.  For the time being, we can trust Kay & Betty (Quest & OWF), but it's csutomer be ware!  Yes, Rick different colors of the same webbing may have different breaking strengths (different colors are often made by different processes, not simply different dyes).  And of course, light weight, heavy weight and/or tight weave of the same webbing all have different breaking strengths.
      As you mentioned, choose at least 500-600 lb test breaking stength ploypropylene webbing--suspect any webbing until it has passed your own breaking strength tests (use it, if it dosen't break, it's probably ok).  The sources you list are suitable.  I would not use any polypro webbing sold with no breaking (or tensile) strength listed--it can be as low as 100 lbs.....Ed
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      Subject: Hammock Camping Was Polyester webbing; Now Polypro webbing strength

      > Bad news on the polyester webbing front--my efforts to secure a
      > reliable source of suitable webbing have failed. 

      Too bad, Ed.  It would have made a nice source.

      Can we pool our references about the various vendor's polypro
      webbing?  I have found it is difficult to get the salesperson on the
      other end to give a real number when asked for the strength. 

      As a first stab,  I believe the following are strong enough (at the
      600 lb test) to be listed:  (all are 1" width)

      Outdoor Wildnerness Fabrics:
      WP1H - black only  (actually seems much stronger than necessary)
      Are WP1 or WP1T also good choices??

      Quest Outfitters Adventure Fabrics:
      #1023 - Are all colors strong enough??

      What other suppliers have webbing which would be a good choice in
      small (10 yard) orders??

      These ratings should not be taken as gospel, but as a starting point
      to discuss strength with the supplier. 


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