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7167Re: What are the features of different kinds of Hammocks

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  • Eric Sandberg
    Nov 2, 2004
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      Welcome to the club! You sound a lot like me (50's, creaky, stomach
      sleeper, worried about asking stupid questions).

      My terribly biased opinion is that hammock sleeping is so much
      better than on the ground or even a cot. I don't have the aches and
      pains I used to get from sleeping on the hard ground (even with one
      of the expensive, heavy self inflating pads). I started with an
      inexpensive Traveler (by Byer). They're available at EMS (if you
      have one in your area) or Campmor (www.campmor.com). I sewed a
      mosquito net on it and have been using it for about 4 years now.

      I recently got Ed Speer's book and have made a couple from his
      design, altering it with my own thoughts and stealing some ideas
      from the other folks on this board. Spend some time on Risk's site
      and you'll get some good thoughts. His trial hammock is worth ...
      well.. trying.

      You're right that stomach sleeping is not too comfortable in a
      hammock - but then it ain't all that great on the ground either. I
      can sleep sort of 3/4 on my stomach/ side and it's quite comfortable.

      Lastly, feel free to ask all the stupid questions you like. They're
      the only kind most of us can answer - or even understand.

      Happy hanging.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Craig Everhart <_craig@y...>
      > I am an interested beginner in Hammock camping.
      > >
      > Does anyone have an opinion on the relative merits of
      > these hammocks? What would you recommend to a newbie?
      > Does sleeping in a hammock do weird things to your
      > body? Can you sleep on your side? I like to sleep on
      > my stomach - that seems out of the question.
      > I am in my 50's and getting a bit arthritic.
      > I have never been too comfortable in a rope hammock.
      > Is there a difference? (I have a feeling that's a
      > stupid question)
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Craig
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