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7145Re: How low can you go?

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  • Eric Sandberg
    Oct 29, 2004
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      I once did a series of experiments where I intentionally used
      different lightweight cottons to see if different ways of attaching
      the hanging lines made a difference. Probably not what we're really
      talking about, but may be interesting.

      Every time the fabric ripped, it was right below the knot.
      Different knots were tried (whipping, nail knot, sheet bend, and
      lark's head). No difference was found. They all held the same
      weight material, they all ripped at the same weight material.

      Other than this experiment, the prior post is the first time I've
      heard of a hammock failing. This surprises me because I'd think
      that someone was experimenting and found what weights are not safe.

      Any other noteworthy failures?
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