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7123Re: Synthetic Underquilt??

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  • Mirage
    Oct 25 4:08 PM
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "jmellis01" <jmellis01@y...>
      > Has anyone made a synthetic (polarguard, etc.) based
      > yet? How has it worked out? I just keep looking at a few old
      > sleeping bags in the cabinet. I'm getting the itch to chop one of
      > them up and try out making my own under/top quilt. Unfortunately
      > sewing skills are very limited so whatever I come up with will be
      > terribly crude. Oh well....That's part of the fun I guess.
      > Thanks,
      > John


      Several folks have done synthetic Under Quilts. Mine have used
      Primaloft. I keep promising to post my instructions. Maybe after I
      get my overdue BGT report in, I'll get to that. In the mean time,
      my suggestions for using an old bag are:

      1. No need to cut yet. Use loops on the foot and hood (or knot if
      there are no loops) to hold the bag up and to keep it from sliding
      towards either end or sagging too low, allowing a draft.
      2. Most bags have 2-way zips, so just unzip a few inches at the foot
      of the bag, and thread your hammock and lines through that.
      3. Be ready for a tighter "fit". Since the back is shaped for just
      your body, having it over the hammock will be a bit tight.

      The under quilts I have made are larger than a typical bag, and a
      bit smaller than a peapod. The Speer peapod is the best fit, as far
      as I know, having never used one.

      Shane "Mirage"...
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