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711Re: Hammock Camping HammockWiki - The Encyclopedia

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  • geoflyfisher <geoflyfisher@yahoo.com>
    Feb 24, 2003
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      I filled in the 'What Is' page. There needs to be a 'how to set up
      > hammock' on the front page. If nobody else does I'll add one later.
      Hi Shane,

      I saw your entry. Thanks! I went back and created some "stubs" in
      your entry. For now, they are little blue questionmarks after a word
      or phrase. The intent is for someone else to be able to come along
      and write a little on each of those terms.

      Please feel free to add anything you think needs to be added to the
      front page or anywhere else. That is the way the Wiki is meant to be.

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