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7108Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: How low can you go?

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Oct 23, 2004
      Hi Eric, The silk comes from
      What I used is product # 26L - 8mm (means 1.02oz per
      square yard) - white - 54" wide - $4.50 a yard. This
      weight silk has work well for me and should also for
      you if you want to try some. Don't try and sew
      anywhere except on the edges of the hammock. Sometime
      in the Spring of 2003 someone was talking about a
      cooler material than the nylon for a summer hammock
      and I use a lot of silk so I asked Ed if he would make
      me a silk hammock. He did and the silk is so nice
      next to the skin. I use it all year round. It also is
      a little lighter than his normal Hammock. The bug net
      is also silk.

      I have no experience with 1.1oz ripstop for making a
      hammock but I think others have used it. I have some
      .70 ripstop that I think would work for a hammock but
      it make a lot of noise. Crispy sounding or something
      like that. I have a large Mac Cat Tarp made out of it
      so I think it would be strong enough for a hammock.
      At least for us slim guys. I was so careful the
      first few times I got into and out of my silk hammock.

      For my weight it is great. I have a 15 pound cat
      named SnowBall that jumped into the hammock one night
      when I was testing my sleeping pads. He got up on a
      tall stool I was using like a table and launched
      himself into the hammock and onto me. He landed on my
      chest area with quite a surprise on my part. That was
      pushing about 190 pounds with the sleeping pads and
      other stuff. He slept in there with me for about 4
      hours and then jumped out. It was cold and I had the
      bug net held open with some cloths pins.

      Bill in Texas

      --- Eric Sandberg <docteric@yahoo.com> wrote:

      Thanks for writing Bill. I saw the photos of your
      hammock, but couldn't remember your name (early
      Alzheimer's. Ok,
      OK, not that early).

      Oddly enough I also weight 165. I'm considering
      making one out of 1.1 0z ripstop. Do you know if the
      nylon or the silk is stronger?

      Where do you get your silk? I'll bet it's wonderful
      to sleep on.

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