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7093OT: Energizer Lithium AAA Batteries Now Available

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  • dlfrost_1
    Oct 21, 2004
      Just a brief note: Energizer's Lithium AAA batteries are showing up
      in stores. The first ones I sighted around here were in a Kroger
      (supermarket) about three weeks ago. But they are in lots more
      places now.

      Four lithium AAA cells weigh 1/2 once less than their alkaline
      equivalents, function down to -40 below, have a storage life of 15
      years, and provide a longer runtime. They cost about $9.

      I use 'em in a Princeton Tech Attitude, a waterproof, 3-led, 4xAAA
      light that has a useable runtime of about 35 hours (120 total).
      Using lithium batteries gives it a total weight of 2oz. and a likely
      usable runtime of 45 hours.

      Doug Frost