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7065Re: [Hammock Camping] Who took the trees?

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  • Bill Keiser
    Oct 20, 2004
      variations on the theme:
      - use two poles for a more stable A-frame setup. should only need one
      tie-down. needs 2 poles though.
      - use the single pole with two tiedowns. can be used for both ends.
      - in the absence of a tree to tie to(why would you want to use a tree
      to anchor your tiedowns if you can just tie directly to the tree
      itself without poles?), tie to the base of a long pole(2 to 4 feet
      above the ground) and a secondary tiedown on the long stake to keep it
      in place, ala circus tents.

      Rick <ra1@i...> wrote:
      > >I'm going to be doing some desert car camping pretty soon and I of
      > >course want to use my hammock.

      > http://www.imrisk.com/hammock/singlepolehammock.htm
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