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7051Re: Re: [Hammock Camping] Who took the trees?

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  • tjarrell@cox.net
    Oct 19, 2004
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      chcoa wrote:

      >I'm going to be doing some desert car camping pretty soon and I of
      >course want to use my hammock.  I brought this up not too long ago
      >but wanted to ask one more question....has anyone used their vehicle
      >roof rack as one hanging point?  I'm thinking I might be able to find
      >one suitable Palo Verde or Mesquite but will likely have to use my
      >SUV for the other side. Anyone try this method before???
      >Jamie in AZ

      I have used a piece of lumber in one of the bed's rail holes in my
      pickup.  It works fine.  I agree with Shane, that the roof rack is
      probably not designed for this kind of stress.

      Two ideas:

      - It may be possible to spread the stress to all of your roof rack by
      tying a framework (perhaps also used for packing) to a number of
      attachment points on the roof rack.  Then the hammock could be attached
      to this.  (With my Jeep Wrangler, tying to the roll bar is a simple way
      to avoid this complication.)

      - The other idea would be to use a tree as the high support and the
      bumper of your SUV as a low attachment point in a single pole
      arrangement like this:


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