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  • David Chinell
    Oct 18, 2004
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      Yes, you're visualizing what I use correctly. But
      my ropes aren't tied together at the ends. The
      hammock rope (actually more like 3/8-inch tubular
      webbing) runs through the casing. I take both ends
      through whatever ring or loop is on my tree rope.

      The ring does provide a drip-stopping spot. I also
      carry about 12 inches of cotton cord tied onto
      each hammock rope for use as drip cords.


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      > I hope you're visualizing this correctly. I
      > see what you mean about the drip-knot.

      I was thinking about sewing a casing at one end,
      then passing the
      support rope through it and tieing the rope back
      to itself above the
      hammock. So basically the rope has a loop tied
      into it, with the
      hammock attached inside the loop. Therefore, the
      knot is just above
      the hammock, which will stop drips from travelling
      down the line.

      Maybe I have the wrong idea of what a casing is?
      Is that not how it


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