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7024RE: [Hammock Camping] Spammer fixed.

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  • Shane Steinkamp
    Oct 15, 2004
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      > Good work Shane! Your quick spam killing efforts have not gone
      > unnoticed. I greatly appreciate you doing it-my time lately has
      > become extremely preoccupied and it is comforting to know you are
      > handling the junk emails so well.

      You are quite welcome. I'm moderating on a number of lists and since I'm on
      line by default almost all day every day it's easy for me to squash the bugs
      as soon as they show up. Glad to help.

      > I do still read all the list posts, but seldom have time to
      > respond myself. My hat's off to you and all the rest of our great
      > members for your intelligent input and wonderful behavior...Ed

      Amen. I read most of it but don't get much time to respond here. I know
      that if I get too involved I'll write those horribly long posts that
      everybody dreads... ;)

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