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  • starnescr <starnescr@yahoo.com>
    Jan 9, 2003
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      Hi Ed

      Glad you started this group. I know the other list I am on are
      great but sometimes feel a little resentment if the hammock crowd
      takes over conversation for days. Should not be a problem here if
      enough hammock users join. Looking forward to learning all the tips
      and tricks to make hammocking more fun (and practical in cold
      weather lol) And Thanks for the News Letter. I still need to read
      January but read Dec. and all the links with great interest.

      No to briefly introduce myself. I am from Alabama and I took up
      hammocking 2 years ago. I bought the original HH on sale at REI.
      Since then I have bought 2 more HH Backpacker Ultralights (for my
      kids) and also got a Crazy Crib to test from BackpackGearTest.com.
      Didn't know about your hammocks untill recently. As topics come up
      I'll share what I know and ask questions I may have reguarding other

      Coy Boy