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6936Re: [Hammock Camping] Thank you!

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  • Craig Stephanski
    Oct 5, 2004
      Best wishes and I hope that your business is a success!!!  I will check out your site.

      brian_goatqaz123 <oes@...> wrote:

      Well, for the past couple of weeks I have been mainly lurking, but I
      have to give out a huge thank you to all of the hammock camping
      members. As of the next couple of days, I will officially own and
      operate www.outdoorequipmentsupplier.com, with a *real* website
      layout and a logical design! Many of the members of this forum have
      really helped me with advice, testing, and words of wisdom. I would
      like to really thank you all for helping me get my buisness off the
      ground and running.

      Thanks again,
      Brian MacMillin

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