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6914Re: [Hammock Camping] My Simple Hammock Hints...And My Underquilt Problem....

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  • jonas4321@juno.com
    Oct 3, 2004
      On Fri, 01 Oct 2004 16:59:15 -0400 Rick <ra1@...> writes:
      > I do wash my hammock every few outings, which
      > has become much easier since I began whipping the ends instead of tying

      > them.

      I have not tried the whipping method, but I had to take my hammock
      "apart" today to dry it out, and I was VERY happy with how easy it was to
      get the double sheet bend out of the hammock/webbing (even while the
      tubular nylon webbing was soaked). I am totally sold on it as an end
      knot., as it uses up very little material. The pics I put up last week
      are the very knots I had to untie today. They had been in there for about
      a half-dozen nights of use (and lots of tests).

      Now that they are out, I am going to make little "hammock huggers" using
      this knot and polypro webbing, and then use rope between that and my tree
      straps. Leaving your fly loose just before a storm is stupid, but it sure
      enables the "improvements"!

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