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6906marking the hammock end/was My Simple Hammock Hints..

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2004
      Speaking of marking one end of a Hennessy hammock to make the head or foot easier to find:
      This isn't lighter than tying an extra knot, but works for me, and is still very light. 
      I stitched a small block "H" into one of the head end tree huggers with plain old white thread.  It too less than a minute and seems to be holding up very well.
      From: "JackWMyers" <jack.myers@...>
      Subject: Re: My Simple Hammock Hints...And My Underquilt Problem....

      Just out of curiosity, where all did you post this?  I've seen it on
      Whiteblaze, Hiking HQ, Yahoo, and Backpacking Lightweight.  Anywhere
      else?  Are there some other good resources?


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Steve" <selms@c...> wrote:
      > Hello
      all...just thought Id post a couple things that I do with my
      > Hennessy
      Hammock, to make life in a hammock a tad bit easier....
      > 1. I
      have placed a wrap of silver duct tape on the "foot" end of
      hammock main line.
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