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  • Dave Womble
    Oct 1, 2004
      That has been my experience with Kelty's triptease cord also. It
      lights up like a lazer beam if you illuminate it from a distance but
      it doesn't really show up any better than a light colored guy line
      from up close. I think it doesn't help the trip-over problem as much
      as it helps you find your way back in the dark. It is excellent guy
      line in that it is strong, light weight and doesn't stretch much, if
      at all.

      However, it is rather expensive. Recently I have been using the less
      expensive 1/16" pulse line that Ed Speers recommends in his book. Ed
      sells it and so does my local West Marine. It is less expensive than
      the triptease cord, is neon orange or pink and is pretty much
      equivalent for guyline purposes the the triptease, except it doesn't
      light up when you illuminate it from a distance. I think the
      triptease goes for around $15 for a 50 ft package and the 1/16" pulse
      line goes for around $22 for a 120 ft spool.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "zippydooda" <zippydooda@y...>
      > REI has little pink flamingoes you can put on your tent/guy
      > Not kidding.
      > Here's the deal. They are kids. They will trip on your guy lines
      > matter what. Sorry.
      > If you buy the flamingoes, they will step on them.
      > If you want to see the reflective effect better, stand farther away
      > and hold the flashlight right up on the side of your head, next to
      > your eye. The stuff they use is a highly directional reflector, as
      > you will see.
      > Thanks for camping with kids.
      > Bill in Houston
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "neptunebeach"
      > <neptunebeach@c...> wrote:
      > > I use my HH Asym when camping with various scout groups. The
      > guys on
      > > the pullouts and fly seem to attract little feet as soon as the
      > goes
      > > down. So I finally broke down and bought a length of Kelty
      > Triptease to
      > > replace the stock lines with something I expected to "glow-in-the-
      > dark" or
      > > at least reflect in the dark with a little flashlight light,
      > is
      > > omnipresent at scout outings. To my amazement, this triptease
      > doesn't seem
      > > to be any more reflective than any other similarly colored line.
      > In fact,
      > > comparing a piece of white standard line and the triptease in a
      > dark room, I
      > > can see the white much better. Did I get defective triptease, or
      > do do I
      > > have the wrong expectations? What do others do to mark the
      > of guy
      > > lines?
      > >
      > > Rick in FL
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