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6868Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Would this work?

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  • Matt O'Brien
    Sep 29, 2004
      what about adding a fleece layer to the hammock? this way it should
      stay tight to the hammock and cover the whole bottom. just get a chunk
      of fleece the same size of as the nylon. layer them before you fold the
      ends and tie on the webbing. you could even roll your nylon over the
      edge of the fleece before you hem the sides for a nice finished side.
      if you don't hem the layers together and you tie on your webbing with a
      double sheep bend you could remove or even add layers. if the layer of
      fleece makes the ends of the hammock too thick you might be able to cut
      the end something like this, |\/\/| or so. i think the most important
      part of the cut would be leaving the sides strait. so they would stay
      tight. you might not need a chunk of fleece as wide as the hammock, but
      if it was you could put some velcro or zipper on the side and seal the
      hammock around you.

      just some thoughts, nothing implemented. i'd love to hear the results
      if anyone tries this.

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