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6865Re: [Hammock Camping] My Simple Hammock Hints...And My Underquilt Problem....

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  • Shane
    Sep 29, 2004
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      > 1. I have placed a wrap of silver duct tape on the "foot" end of the
      > hammock main line. Since I have snakeskins for the hammock, this
      > allows me to determine right away (without unravelling the
      > snakeskins) which end of the hammock is which.

      I always just tie a little knot in the end of the foot-end rope when I take
      it down.

      > 2. I use 2 small carabiners hung inside the hammock on the ridge
      > line. This allows me to hang my flashlight(s), socks, etc and
      > easilly unhook them, or slide them up and down the ridgeline. The
      > hammock comes with 2 clasps but I find they are too small to work
      > properly.

      Walmart sells some little ones that work great. You can leave them in the
      hammock, because they're so small that the snakeskins slide right over them.

      > 5. I bought 2 expandable poles (10 bucks each) that allow me to
      > raise one side or the center of each side of the fly. It provides a
      > better view out of the hammock and creates a sort of awning.

      I just use my hiking poles.

      > 10. I use a small piece of an old plastic tarp as a ground cover
      > underneath the hammock. It is about 2 feet by 2 feet and provides
      > just enough room to stand on and get in and out of the hammock.

      I use a Neat Sheet as a ground cloth/welcome mat. I wrap my gear in it at

      > Just thought I'd share....


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