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6843RE: [Hammock Camping] Hennessy cold weather system

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  • Jerry Goller
    Sep 26, 2004
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      Tom's current foam pad is 3/8" open cell.. I've used that, with a space blanket, down to 45 F with no problems. It may go lower. He's now got some egg create foam he is going to make some out of that will be both wider and thicker. We'll see how that does. It may well go as cold as I normally take a hammock, 30 F. 40 F is a "normal" summer night in the mountains.
      I'm not sure how the weight ratio will turn out. You need so much less insulation on the bottom that it may end up *too* thin for down. I would certainly expect even 1" open cell foam to weigh well under 16 oz. I doubt you'll get a down quilt to weigh less than that. Tom's current stock pad weighs just under 6 oz.

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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry Goller" > Jerry
      Goller] So far, I've only been able to find 24" in either 1/2" or 1"
      > thick open cell. For me, somewhere between 32" and 36" would be
      perfect. Tom
      > will be selling a set up like this made for the hammock. A key
      part of
      > getting it to fit right is the elastic cords at the head and foot
      of the pad
      > that force it to assume a boat shape, therefore hugging your body.

      Hrm...I was thinking I saw 40" somewhere.

      > [Jerry Goller]  That's like asking if a synthetic bag is warmer
      than a down
      > bag....   ;o) It depends on how thick the foam versus how much
      loft on the
      > down.

      True...I guess I should have said for a comparable weight/bulk.  For
      example, the underquilt at JacksRBetter is 20oz, and this setup is
      13+oz.  I see now that Tom's ratings are ~50*...didn't know that
      when I wrote the last message.  How cold have people gotten in an
      underquilt similar to Jack's? 


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