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6839Thru-the-whip suspension

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  • hogn8r2004
    Sep 26, 2004
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      I just put a photo of this in my album, but here is what I did. I
      ran the suspension rope thru the whipped end of my hammock.

      1) Fold hammock like normal

      2) Make the loop in your suspension rope/webbing

      3) Lay the rope with the loop in the very middle of the folds, the
      loop lying towards the main part of the hammock.

      4) Now whip the end like normal behind the knot used to make the

      I use the loops to connect my ridgeline, or for those of you who use
      grossgrain sewen to bugnet you can connect it there as well. If you
      don't connect anything to the loops you can still use them to attach
      your mesh storage bags for your in-hammock necessities. I used a
      longer whip, just to be sure it wouldn't pull thru. So far so good,
      I've slept in it two nights so far. I would guess if you used the
      3/32" rope it may pull thru, or you could make the stop-knot bigger.
      The picture shows it better than I can type it.