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6831Re: [Hammock Camping] Hennessy cold weather system

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  • jwj32542
    Sep 25, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry Goller"
      <jerrygoller@b...> wrote:
      > It's not the underliner, it's the closed cell foam. Closed cell
      foam forms
      > "ripples" when it tries to conform to the shape of a HH
      underneath, just
      > like is does when you use it inside the hammock. The silnylon
      isn't tight
      > enough to force it to conform so you get cold channels down the
      sides. BTW,
      > open cell is lighter, compresses better, and is cheaper than
      closed cell
      > foam.

      That makes sense. I was thinking about carrying along closed-cell
      foam for nights when I want to sleep in a shelter, but not if it
      won't also work with the underliner.

      Doesn't the open-cell come in 40" width? I guess I could fold it in
      half and lay on that if I had to.

      Any word on whether the underliner/pad is warmer than the down

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