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  • Bill Fornshell
    Sep 25, 2004
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      I received an off-line email about using a Air
      Mattress (my home-made air-mattress or the
      Stephenson's Down Air Mattress I own I am not sure).
      I sent a reply but it was not delivered and returned.
      This is my answer and I hope it gets to the person who
      asked the question.

      Hi P..., Which air mattress are we talking about? My
      home made one or the Stephenson's Down Air Mattress?

      Did you see the pictures of the air mattress in the
      hammock? Are you asking if the air mattress would
      provide any insulating value under the hammock such as
      an under-quilt would? If the Down Air Mattress - DAM
      (I will assume we are talking about a DAM, home-made
      or the Stephenson's) was in a second bottom sleeve of
      some type and your body weight was pressed against it,
      it should work. If it was just hanging below the
      hammock and you had an air pocket between you and the
      air mattress it should do something but I am not sure
      what as I have never tried this. Why don't you want
      to lay on the air mattress in the hammock?
      Bill in Texas

      P..... Wrote:
      Sorry Bill
      I just noticed you posted the pics in the photo
      Do you think it would work just as well under the

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