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6705Re: Flat Felled Seam for Silnylon Tarp

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  • Coy
    Sep 3, 2004
      Dave, I didn't see the photo you mentioned so I looked in your files
      folder. not there either. where did you put the seam technique?

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Womble" <dpwomble@y...>
      > I just finished making another tarp and this time I used a
      > technique for the flat felled seam used to connect the two panels
      > silnylon. The first batch of tarps I made I used the flat felled
      > seam described in Ray Jardine's book. It was such a struggle that
      > when I made the next batch of tarps I used the technique described
      > Ed Speer's book. Well that was also a struggle for me, so I tried
      > devise my own technique. The primary basis for my technique is
      > to most easily handle the large slippery panels of silnyon while
      > sewing. I finally made another tarp and tried it out. I liked it
      > it seemed to be much less of a wrestling match with the slippery
      > panels of silnylon. Anyhow, I posted a file showing the basics of
      > this technique in the 'Photos' section under my folder for those
      > you that are interested.
      > Youngblood
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