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6691Re: [Hammock Camping] Fox Face Tarp?

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  • seuss910
    Aug 31, 2004
      I've had another look or 3 (I finally found if you click on
      the "product demonstration" text a plan view of the tarp pops up) and
      see that it's not a decagon at all; it's a kind of an eight pointed
      rectangle if that makes any sense at all. An interesting innovation
      is that it appears to call for only 2 stakes. the four corner tie
      outs seem intended to be wrapped around the tree a few feet below the
      hammock tie. That seems like it might give an interesting shape with
      tucked in corners.

      I'm also wondering if the 24 oz. figure includes hardware. I saw an
      Eagles Nest hammock a few months ago at an outdoor show and they
      seemed fond of using heavy carabiners for hanging - sacrificing
      weight for ease of use. If I had to guess I'd venture that the fly
      includes some heavy stainless d rings or more biners at the peaks.

      I don't think I'll be purchasing their fly, but if I can infringe on
      their patent a little bit . . .

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Womble" <dpwomble@y...>
      > I don't understand the 24 oz for the 9'x9.5' dimensions for the
      > Eagle's Nest rain tarp. A rectangular tarp would be 9.5 sq yds and
      > the shape it uses means it would be much less than that, maybe 65%
      > the 9.5 sq yds. So I suspect either the 24 oz is not correct or
      > either they are not using 1.1oz silnylon that weights around 1.3 oz
      > per sq yd. My guess is that if it were the 1.3 oz stuff, that it
      > would weigh in the 8 oz range.
      > About the shape, it kind of looks like a diamond shaped tarp that
      > original Hennessy's used with added material to provide more
      > for the foot and head ends of the hammock. So in that sense it is
      > kind of clever. You get better coverage and it is probably pitches
      > more taut at the price of a little more material, but it takes 6
      > stakes versus 2.
      > As far as coverage goes, it is somewhere between the original
      > Hennessy diamond tarp and Brian's McCat tarp. It uses six stakes,
      > the Hennessy uses two and Brian's uses four.
      > For now, I still use and prefer the comfort of the larger area that
      > my rectangular shaped tarp gives me, but I still review the
      > of smaller, lighter weight tarps from time to time. Then, I
      > how much nicer it is when it is raining, expecially during the
      > when I don't have to worry near as much about whether I am going to
      > get wet or not in a heavy wind driven rain.
      > Youngblood
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