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6688Re: [Hammock Camping] Fox Face Tarp?

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  • Carl Iobst
    Aug 30, 2004
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      Definately an interesting look to the foxfacerainfly
      seuss 910. I agree that in a driving rain the fly
      would probably become next to useless. 24 oz's is a
      bit heavy. My 8'x10' Equinox silnylon tarp only weighs
      14 oz's. I be willing to bet it gives better foul
      weather coverage to my ultra-lite asym H&H also!
      --- seuss910 <wrv77@...> wrote:

      > I notice that Eagle's Nest has finally rolled out a
      > new rainfly for
      > their hammocks. The pictures look . . . interesting.
      > Has anyone seen
      > one of these in use? It looks like a straight
      > ridgelined asymmetrical
      > decagon with an extreme catenary cut around the
      > perimeter and 8(?)
      > tie outs. It looks very taut but doesn't look
      > especially dry.
      > http://www.eaglesnestoutfit.com/foxfacerainfly.htm
      > Thoughts?

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