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6469[Hammock Camping] Re: 3/32" Hammock Hanging Rope?

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  • zippydooda
    Aug 5, 2004
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      Yeah, I was afraid I wasn't making sense. The rope will stretch more
      as the load increases, you are right. It's just that in the first 95
      pounds (or whatever) the rope will stretch more, as the individual
      fibers and strands shift against each other and lay down flat against
      each other. One the rope is taut and all the strands are compacted
      against each other, it will be relatively more difficult to stretch.

      Bill in Houston

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      <Thomas@G...> wrote:
      > Hey Risk, as far as stretch, the amount of stretch per unit of load
      > should be higher for the first unit of load than for subsequent
      > units. Sorry, which means that if you get 1% stretch with the first
      > 95 lbs, that the next 95 pounds should be less than 1% stretch. So
      > for 450 lbs, you are looking at maybe 4% stretch or less.
      > Good luck with the experiment, and thanks for posting your ideas.
      > Hopefully the knots you use won't reduce the ultimate tensile
      > strength too much. Maybe put a big mattress under you when you do
      > the testing ;-)
      > Bill in Houston
      > Now I know that my climbing rope stretches much farther relatively
      on a
      > long fall than a short one.
      > Oh and I use a bouldering crash pad when I'm experimenting.
      > I have yet to need it.
      > Tom
      > P.s. Now were is that piece of wood... Ah yes,, knock knock
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