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6464Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: 3/32" Hammock Hanging Rope?

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  • navjohn@aol.com
    Aug 5, 2004
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      In a message dated 8/5/04 10:35:38 AM, rgarling@... writes:

      My experience with trees has been that they can survive quite well
      even if cut through to the wood so long as decay does not start at
      the injury site.   You have to ring a tree most of the way around
      (cut through the bark) to kill it.

      Yes, but our goal should be leave no trace -- and this means no visible damage to trees.  Many public (and some private) campgrounds already have restrictions against tying anything to trees because of damage caused by careless campers.   Any scarring or bark loss, even if it causes no long-term damage to the tree, should be considered unacceptable to an ethical hammocker.
      John Wilson
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