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6454Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: 3/32" Hammock Hanging Rope?

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  • Rick
    Aug 4, 2004
      Ralph Oborn wrote:

      >To engineer the straps/ropes how big of a safety factor do you plan
      >If I weigh 200 lbs. and hang at 40°. then my static load on each
      >rope is 155 lbs. is a rope with 5oo lbs. breaking strength enough?
      >1000 lbs? 1500 lbs?
      Thus far I have done well with straps with a breaking strength of
      300-600 pounds. I "figure" that with a breaking strength of 950 pounds,
      the 3/32 T-100 cord is probably strong enough. All I know about stretch
      is that the line is said to stretch less than one percent at 95 pounds
      of tension.

      Another cord I might think about would be the 1/8 inch Pulse Line which
      is also about 900 pounds of strength.

      This is just an experiment for me. I will not guess any conclusion
      until I actually try it. I know that I will be *very* surprised if 3/32
      inch cord is sufficient. But if it is, this offers considerable space
      and weight savings, as well as a little cost savings.

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